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How it Works:
  • In our Connect Call, we will discuss:
    • Challenges your team is facing within your Apparel Development & Manufacturing process.​
    • Ways that we believe we may be able to come in and help with your issues.
    • How many styles, projects or processes you would like for the team to help improve or create.
    • Any budgetary restrictions you have for hiring a contracted team for the necessary tasks.
  • Once we have a chance to meet and talk, Rachel will take your proposal to the group for review!
  • Apparel consulting proposal(s) will then be sent back via email for your review and evaluation on budget, timing and requirements of both our teams. At this point, we can discuss details back and forth to make sure the program is going to work out best for both of us!
  • A Consultation Call will then be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time, to discuss logistics and execution of the contracted work. If all looks good and both teams accept the terms and sign the contract forms, we will set up a start date and get to work!
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