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Creating technical sketches becomes easy with our stitch brush library for Adobe Illustrator. 18 different professional stitch brushes will open for you in Illustrator, which can be saved to your library forever!


Library is paired with a visual stitch guide, which includes professional stitch codes, abbreviations and specifications for reference with your factory. Add to tech packs, implement on your flat sketches and add a level of professionalism to your designs.

Technical Stitch Brush Library for Illustrator

    • Open the Adobe Illustrator file from the downloaded Zip Folder, upon receipt.
    • If your Brushes Library is not open yet, go to the 'Window' Dropdown Menu at the top of the application.
    • Open the Brushes Library.
    • From the Brushes Library Window, click the Brushes Libarary Menu icon in the lower left corner (it looks like a little stack of books with an arrow).
    • Click on "Save Brushes..."
    • Save to the Adobe Illustrator application folder that will pop up on your computer screen.
    • From here, whenever you now go into Adobe Illustrator, you can pull up this saved Library by going to the same Brushes Library Menu icon in the lower left coner.
    • Go down to the "User Defined" option and click on the name of this Library to pull it into the window for use!
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