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​welcome to unmarked street


Tired of struggling to get your garments to fit just right? Let's tailor the perfect fit together.


Unmarked Street isn't just about making products - we're about stitching lifelong loyalty into your brand.


We're your Performance Apparel Technical Design and Development gurus, and we know the secret weapon in apparel success: impeccable fit and quality. That's why we:

  • Craft tech packs that build garments your customers can't live without

  • Nail every garment fit with meticulous adjustments and factory-friendly notes

  • Optimize your pattern requests for a flattering, flawless fit for bodies in motion

  • Crunch the numbers with our financial models, ensuring growth every season

Forget flimsy trends, your loyal fan base awaits! Allow Unmarked Street to help you find them.

join us at the intersection of excellent fit and effective brand growth today!


done for you

What do we do for you when you hire Unmarked Street?


We create brand loyalty for your brand in the apparel industry.


But what does that really mean?


We believe and know that the quality of fit and construction in your apparel assortment is the single most important reason that people will continue to shop your brand. If fit and quality are poor, they will not return. If fit and quality are impeccable, you will create loyal customers for years to come.


As Performance Apparel Technical Design and Development masters, we create a product line for you that creates those results. We build, update and professionalize your tech packs. We fit your garments, write factory-friendly comments and understand how to update your patterns for the best possible result in fit.


And as if that wasn’t enough, we then also work with you to figure out how to cost and price those garments to scale and grow your business year over year. Rachel Erickson’s project and product management expertise apply financial templates and models that help you reach your goals your way.

Job Title Icons_Updated 4.6.23.png
Margaux Elliott, Apparel Product Manager at Giro

I am incredibly impressed at how easy it has been to work with her and have her integrate with our processes and deliver what we need. The work she has done has provided much-needed relief to our in-house team at a busy time, in addition to bringing in the expertise we were looking for.

brand audits

Not quite ready to hire our team full-time?

Utilize Rachel’s expertise to get your 10-year business plan on paper.

Looking for someone to scrub your line plan instead?

Invite Rachel to review your brand’s current numbers personally, so she can set you in the right direction for the future!

digital downloads


Writing, Chatting & Teaching all about the

Apparel Industry

In a competitive fashion and apparel industry that can typically only be understood by spending years or decades working for big brands, it is my mission to educate a greater audience on the real processes and practices performed by the largest apparel corporations in the world.


By sharing this information with start-up brands, fashion students and young industry professionals, it is my intention to open opportunities for more diverse and more sustainable brands in our space.


My goal is to help new fashion brands and people interested in our industry succeed by explaining and educating on how the biggest fashion companies work.

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