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Apparel Consulting and Contracted Fittings with Rachel Erickson:
  • Option 1: In-Person Fittings
    • I will come out to your facility to run and manage your fittings directly. Your team will be asked to help take notes, and I can then help them to turn those notes into comments for your factory. 
    • All air travel and hotel accommodations will be provided for in-person fittings by your company. All travel will be booked through Unmarked Street, and the receipts will be provided to your company for reimbursement.
  • Option 2: Video Conference Fittings
    • Your prototypes will be sent to me for review and fitting on form, over your preferred video conferencing program. All prototypes will need to match the fit form specs of Unmarked Street’s available sizes, to allow for accurate results.
    • My fit comments can either be sent to your team to turn into comments for the factory, or I can help to send comments directly to your factory. 
    • My level of involvement will help to determine the project rate for your budget.
  • Option 3: Fully Autonomous Fittings
    • Your prototypes will be sent to me for review and fitting on form within a set, agreed-to amount of time. Unmarked Street will own the entire fitting process, including fit notes, comments and communication with your factory. 
    • Copies of my notes and comments, along with your prototypes will then be sent to your company for your records and safe keeping.

*Travel fees will be assessed and booked for each job, separately. Each city’s rates can and will affect the final cost of travel, and will be discussed with each client for approval before booking.

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