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Growing Our Team

This Friday, April 1st, Unmarked Street will welcome its first new team member. It feels so exciting and almost surreal to be at this point in our journey. Our growth up until now has been extremely organic, and we have many of you to thank for referrals and industry connections. (Thank you!!!) The outreach has been amazing! But as we continue to search for like-minded brands to partner with, our marketing and networking game needs to be ramped up. I am doing my best to learn all the nuances of marketing and social media, but it’s just not something I’ll master fast enough.

So without further ado, we are so excited to welcome Nat Gerding as our new Social Media Manager in April! Nat’s background as a marketing and social media manager for the last several years will make her a great fit for our growing company. Helping us to stay in touch with the latest trends, algorithms and marketing methods will help Unmarked Street to find a wider audience and ultimately help more brands bring their apparel line dreams to life.

Nat is a beautiful photographer, and is also based out of Santa Cruz, California. Her passion for the ocean and surf photography is obvious in her images. In 2019, she spent 100 days in a row surfing to learn the sport and gain a level of confidence on the water. Since then, her new love of surfing has taken her to beaches in multiple countries, and it has become a regular part of her life. Often seen playing with her two gorgeous dogs on the local beaches, Nat understands how to prioritize the most important parts of her life first. It’s something I’m genuinely excited to learn from her as we work together more.

Welcome, Nat!

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